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I'm a poor-sha guy now

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    I'm a poor-sha guy now

    I bought a '99 996.1. Car had a good PPI, plenty of records and the seller was a good, honest guy. Car itself has some suspension mods, and has already gotten an engine rebuild using LN Nickies and an overbore to 3.8L. I'm quite happy with it. Picked it up just went straight to Angeles Crest Highway. Have a few things planned for the short-term and a few things for the long-term. Anyways, on to the pics.

    Pic from the post test drive. My daily cleverly hiding in the background

    Do you even break down the options code, bruh? The only important one is '408' Real Hollow Spoke Turbo Twists

    I took it to Angeles Crest Immediately, car had 99xxx miles so I wanted to make sure I had ripped the 100k+ mile bandage off

    First "100 miles" impressions:

    Things I like:
    -3.8L motor pulls nice and sounds great, even with the stock mufflers
    -Car feels 'good & tight'
    -Wasnt sure how I'd feel about a 996, but I love it.
    -Feels vintage enough, AND modern enough

    Things I dont like:
    -X51 deep sump scrapes my driveway, luckily theres a 'shield' on it, but I have to find a good solution
    -Godspeed coils help the 'stance' but have their days numbered. Might wait until I know exactly what coilover setup I want. Heart wants Ohlins, but we'll see... maybe some KWs
    -No Cupholder (LOL)
    -Not a huge fan of the seats, but this is one of the first things Im swapping out, stay tuned for these.​

    Current Cars:
    -2017 i3 REx, 21st Century E30
    -1999 996.1 911 4/98 3.8L 6-Speed, 21st Century Beetle

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    I've actually got 1000+ miles on it now as I took it on the Targa 805 rally this last weekend. 200 miles zig-zag-ing across Central Coast CA scenery

    Got to drive this other thing, might look familiar

    Other Cool stuff

    E36 M3 + SSR Type C =

    This VW was cool

    Lovely Olive 72 911

    Volvo Amazon ( my favorite car at the event )
    Current Cars:
    -2017 i3 REx, 21st Century E30
    -1999 996.1 911 4/98 3.8L 6-Speed, 21st Century Beetle

    Make R3V Great Again -2020


      I said it on your insta post and I'll say it again.
      I think the car has aged extremely well and looks better now then when it was new.

      Your specific example with the ducktail, wheels, graphics, and lowering looks fantastic!

      How does it feel to drive compared to an E30?
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        Congrats! That’s a great looking car.


          Originally posted by Panici View Post

          How does it feel to drive compared to an E30?
          Its been a while since I have had a fun E30, but I can compare it to the Z3 which is basically a 24v E30 and was driven back to back, but still not an apples to apples comparison..

          The Z3 has faster turning response though more numb feeling compared to the 911.
          Suspension isnt a fair comparison as Im totally modified and the Z3 has 60k mile 25 year old OEM suspension.
          Z3 has a better shifter feel, hopefully this will improve with the 997 shifter I was gifted. Still a shifter -> Cables, vs the more direct BMW shifter.
          Powerwise the Z3 has a flat torque band, courtesy of the Dinan Supercharger where the 911 wants to rev.

          Overall you could tell one car was 3x more than the other. I think an 80s 911 would be a better comparison for an E30 and the differences will be much smaller and would be hard to justify the 4-5x (if not more) that an 80s 911 costs VS an E30.

          The wild thing will be when I get my few mods sorted out on this, Recaros should be going in soon. Some annoying stuff to deal with, but if I achieve my goal of 2750# with 275whp I will be a very happy 2man.

          Current Cars:
          -2017 i3 REx, 21st Century E30
          -1999 996.1 911 4/98 3.8L 6-Speed, 21st Century Beetle

          Make R3V Great Again -2020


            Very nice! Was curious what was next.

            I agree, the 996 has aged better in the last few years than expected.

            Helps that I think it's one of the only attainable 911s anymore.
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              Nice, I'm due for an update... Picked up a 987.1 last month... Been to busy to update.

              I did the 997/987 Factory short shifter with Function First rebuild and Function First cable ends. That is one thing I didn't like about the car was the shifter. Now its pretty good, haven't got it back out on the twisties..

              Ill probably do the Z51 / 2qt sump next year but been thinking about ground clearance.

              I wonder what the 3.8 is making!?

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                I see you saw my friend Steven's Volvo. That is a cool car that has been in his family for decades.

                After driving plenty of boxters and 996s, I can't imagine why anyone would want one. I've found them to be numb, with lousy shifters, and a serious tendency to understeer.

                Have fun.
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                  Congrats! I've been watching 996s for a while now. This one looks like a great buy.

                  I had Road&Tracks on my Evo back in the day and they were great. I'm sure V3s would be great as well.
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                    DEV0 E30
                    They really are the only Porsches left with any kind of value in em. I was going to spend nearly the same money on a salvage title Elise... also was tempted with a certain white 24v E30 but knew that I would be wondering 'what if' by passing yet again on a 911... now I dont need to wonder​


                    I drove a 996.2 Targa right before I test drove this one. It has a Numeric shifter and I loved it. Stock Shifters definitely are lacking, hopefully the 997 SSK helps, but if not Im definitely getting a Numeric.

                    Mine also has the Z51 sump with a 'skidplate' and thank God because it scraped a little on the rally, it scrapes most of the time leaving my driveway and if Im not careful it will scrape on random other driveways. Probably need to raise the car a hair, because I think its literally a game of just a few MMs to get the clearance back.

                    Most 3.4 & 3.6 dyno in the 240-250 range when stock and healthy-ish. Mines stock with the larger pistons and just an IPD plenum. We'll see. Its on the list to get real numbers.


                    Hey Will! nice to see you posting LOL... If i wanted a connected racecar, this wasnt the right choice, but I wanted something I could take (and drive to) the track, something I could take my kid to cars & coffee in, and also DD if needed and this does that the best, with no smog headaches.

                    I preferred something a little more "analog/ old school" but this car still has a cable connected from my foot to the TB (no DBW), no Traction control at all . Its relatively light as it should already be in the 28xx# range which later E30s fall into and most modern cars dream they can be. I still have more tricks up my sleeve to hopefully shed another 100# before any carbon fiber gets involved.

                    As for the coilovers, I found the adjustment on the "40-way" Godspeed coils and adjusted to the middle and it seems to have helped. I plan to add some GT3 suspension pieces and get a good alignment before I replace the coilovers so hopefully these will buy me time.
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                    Current Cars:
                    -2017 i3 REx, 21st Century E30
                    -1999 996.1 911 4/98 3.8L 6-Speed, 21st Century Beetle

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                      Pretty neat, I like the blue graphics on the white, very cool. Those wheels are certainly distinctive Porsche of the era.

                      But is the options list a paper sticker? Doesn't seem very German!
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                        I agree totally about these 911s ageing really well

                        It's almost as cool as an e30
                        Originally posted by wholepailofwater

                        WTB: Dove Grey e36 Front Door Panels (2 door)



                          I love the 996. Gotta be a blast to drive.


                            great looking car. tasteful.


                              It's interesting how many 996 owners have (or have had) e30s. Mine is an 03 C2 I've had for 2 years. I went with Konis Special Actives and ROW030 springs for my final suspension refresh item. Not as fancy as coils but for $1200 I love 'em.

                              enjoy the car !!

                              Click image for larger version

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