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Project Weißer Regen: 91 318iS Restomod

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    Project Weißer Regen: 91 318iS Restomod

    Alright ladies and gentleman, most of ya should be expecting this by now after the dirty turd I dropped in the Facebook group earlier this week. Its got quite a bit more response than I'd expected and I said I wasn't going to do this again... but why the hell not.

    For those interested in a prolouge, check out the last build:

    I bought this car from a local father and son who never intended to sell it. They were in the middle of resealing the spaghetti monster under the M42 intake manifold when Harvey rolled through the Houston area and handed us all our asses via 30+ inches of rain in 2 days (Aug 26 – 28, 2017) of unrelenting torrential downpour. Exacerbating the already prolific rise of rain water was Lake Conroe, filled to its brim, forcing the San Jacinto River Authority to open the dam, flooding the spill way and much of Conroe.

    Reports say as many as a million cars in the Houston area were flooded. This is the story of one.

    -= Project Weißer Regen=-

    Word of the loss was delivered to me from my buddy Kris, via a text message, letting me know a 91 318iS I might be interested was available here:

    Me being a glutton for punishment of course I was interested in knowing more. As soon as the flood waters receded I arranged for the car to be transported and had my first look.

    There she is, in her oily dirt film dress. A little worse for the wash.

    The first evening I had the car I pulled the seats, carpet, trunk liners, parcel tray and other soft parts that harbor wetness and mildew, then proceeded to pressure wash the car inside and out after knocking out the body plugs in the floor for ensure complete drainage.

    Here she is after the initial bath.

    More to follow....

    Hers 13 X3 375hp/450tq - His 14 M5 780hp/730tq

    Masochism- it leads to the greatest creations.

    I wasn't around in the old days, but after the Restomod I'm looking forward to seeing the work you decide to do on this drowned rat.

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      Is going to be pretty much the same as the other one just white?

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        In for epic-ness...Jordan hasn't disappointed in 13+ years going back to the first white e30 with the gold wheels.
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            In for the epicness


              You're brave. No way I'd touch a flood car.
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                Always in for a Jordan build. Subscribed.
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                Could be better, could be worse.


                  To me, this embodies the same resilience that's uplifted Houston during & since Harvey.

                  When it's done, this going to be an epic testament to Houston strong. Assuming you yourself & your tools stayed dry?

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                    I'll be paying attention to this
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                        Glad you are ok.

                        [IMG] 8.jpg[/IMG


                          Wow, quite the project. Interested to see where this goes!
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                            Is this the project car that 0-60 freak has been waiting for?
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                            Originally posted by Melon
                            Let it be known to all. Simon fucking keeps it real.


                              Can't wait to see this car saved!
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